Wedding catering

Wedding catering is special. The deeply personal and emotional nature of the occasion makes this a specially rewarding experience . It's a privilege to cater for weddings.

Our first wedding catering was a nerve-wracking affair, but it went like a dream. It was the only one that year but word obviously spread and now we've become quite popular for weddings.

Successful weddings

What is it that makes our weddings successful? What do you remember about weddings you've attended? It will depend on the role you played: guest, family, betrothed, best man/maid of honour.

The guests' point of view

For guests, we find the food, the service and the presentation are the top factors. You can see from our menu the kind of cuisine we lean to. We're also very good at accomodating special dietary requirements. Our service is attentive and flexible. Our staff are trained to do everything they can to ensure your guests enjoy the event. We get a lot of compliments from guests and it leads to more catering business. Presentation is also vital, not just to guests but also to the happy couple so we'll come back to that.

The couple's point of view

For you the organiser(s), two things tend to stand out: control and style. Certainly service is critical, but, unlike style, it only stands out when there's a problem.

Whether you know exactly what you want or have just the vaguest notion, one thing we always find is that you will want to be able to choose, to approve, to change. On the other hand you've got a lot of things to attend to so you can't deal with every detail. We know how to take care of the invisible things, when to bring an issue to you and when just to get on with it. You'll also know exactly what it will cost at every step of the way.

The other factor that really matters to the happy couple is style. It influences the tone and atmosphere of the event. It's a very personal aspect and we will need to get to know you. We'll have chats, look at fabric samples, discuss colours, flowers, choose crockery etc. We'll come up with ideas, draw pctures, show you photographs. We're known for imaginative, original and appropriate ideas. You'll be amazed at what can be achieved for your budget.

We are catering for more weddings every year.

See our sample catering menus with prices.

The latecomers

Guests often travel long distances to attend a wedding reception. It's not uncommon to find that some can't make it for a reception starting early in the afternoon. In such cases, we'll organise a second session, typically a buffet, for the latecomers.

Venue, duration and cost

Finding the right venue can be difficult and it often has a significant impact on costs. Function rooms can be free providing you use the venue's bar service, but that con often be expensive and you are constrained to finish by a set time. A suitably sized private garden with a marquee, or a rented hall can be more realxed and flexible in terms of timing, decoration, bar and catering service and budget.